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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Suit Shopping

With only 53 days left until Jeremy enters the MTC, we figured it was time to go suit shopping. So, on Valentine's Day, we headed down to Salt Lake City to check out Mr. Mac.

Chris helped Jeremy with the suit selection.
He ended up with a black suit and a gray pin-stripe suit.
We wonder if he can wear the hat too...what will he do without it?

He also picked out two pairs of slacks, a brown pair and a dark green pair.

Next came the shoes. He said that they were very comfortable...and that is what he will need. The shoes were so wonderful that he picked out two of the same shoe.

Jeremy loves the solid color ties, but we found a couple that would go with his slacks.

The total for two suits, two pairs of slacks, two pairs of shoes, three ties, a shoe-shine kit and an umbrella.

We are almost ready!