Current Day and Time in Prague

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The MTC!

Elder Jeremy Tyler Matson
at the MTC in Provo, Utah
April 8, 2009 - June 8, 2009

Elder Matson is all smiles!

Our MTC District
(back row left to right)
Starsi (means Elder) Browning, Sister Lier, Sister Wheller, Starsi Mckelson
(front row left to right)
Starsis Grande, Doxey, Carrier, Emmerson, Matson and Peterson (Jeremy's companion)

Jeremy insisted that he wanted the "old farmer jammies in red." The only size that fit him were in white. Yes, there is even a "back flap." What a character!!

There are many languages taught at the MTC. Elder Matson is pointing to the Czech Language....of course!

Starsis Matson, Mickelson, Peterson, Carrier, Emmerson and Browning
~ all going to the Czech Republic.

Starsi Matson doing his laundry ~ even that makes him smile!

Starsi Matson (Jeremy) came across another missionary with the same last name....
Starjesina Matson.

The other Elder Matson....he is way cool!

This was Starsi Matson's desk. He said it is sooooo uncomfortable!!!!

"I think one of the best things that is happening is that I am flying out and I don't have to sit in that chair all day long...every day."

One of the language charts for Czech, this is for plural words.
"It's messed up, the language is, I'm not goin to lie."

It was snowing today....
Starsis Peterson, Mickelson, Matson, Carrier and Emmerson
Jeremy did not want to buy an umbrella, I bet he was happy he had one!

Starsi Matson having a few Mary Poppin's moments!

Elder Matson protecting the place where we make sacred covenants!

Elder Matson and a BMW...a nice car! You don't see too many trucks around the MTC, so I guess he settled for a BMW.

Starsi Matson and a cousin he found in the MTC (Elder Murdoch)...our dads are first cousins.

"My first hair cut....they don't cut it near as short as they need to here. It kinda ticks me off, but it is all right."

"Don't freak out when you see this picture (mom). Those pants don't stretch. That is how much weight I've lost. See it is a good thing we got a smaller belt or else I would be in trouble, but I feel like I am Jared in the Subway commercial. Those are my black pants. I thought it was a cool picture."

Starsi Matson and Starsi Peterson with the first missionary, Samuel Smith.

P-Town Friends
High School Buddies
Jeremy Matson, Colin Riley, Bryndon Belnap and Jordan Allen

Elder Allen, Elder Matson, Elder Belnap and Elder Riley

Our magazine shoot photo without our jackets on. Yea!

"Don't show this picture to too many girls there, I won't have time to write them all after they see it, so just be careful, it is kinda a cool picture."

Starsi Matson at the Big World Map pointing to the Czech Republic.

Elder Matson, Elder Allen and Elder Belnap

Elder Allen is going to the Tennesse Mission and Elder Belnap is going to the Ukraine (next to
the Czech Republic).

Waiving to each other across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Pocatello Elders
Elder Riley, Allen, Belnap and Taylor Tingey (he went to Highland) and Elder Matson in front.

On the day we did Jeremy's uncle's temple work, Grandma Denkers bought "U" cookies for everyone to say "Thank U." Brian was a huge Utah fan and so Jeremy could not resist putting in the BYU plug too.

"I thought I wouldn't do the picture justice without a BYU somethin in, there it is. I was goin to put it after"Y," but I thought it would be sacreligious to do the BY"U," just didn't work out.

The Czech Republic Missionaries.
The mission is divided into two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
This is our district....
Starsis Matson, Peterson, Sisters Wheeler and Leir, Starsis Grande and Doxey
Starsis Mickelson, Browning, Carrier and Emmerson

Starsi Carrier and Starsi Matson

This is our "second grade face we just put glue on someone's chair. We busted up laughing cause I told them that analogy....act like we just put glue on some girl's chair in second grade and when she sat down we would laugh like second graders. We just busted up was pretty funny."

Elder Matson and Elder Dustin Swallow
~ another buddy from Pocatello and the Chubbuck Stake.

This is a picture of the map of the Czech Republic. All of the things on the map are castles. They are everywhere.

After Starsi Matson landed in Prague, he was assigned to Jihlava (eeh lava). So, that is where he is right now.

Starsi Matson in front of the Standard of Truth picture. "It's a cool painting."

Starsi Matson with older brother Josh who works at the MTC. Since Josh transports the missionaries, he had to have a flu shot and take medicine for ten days. The elders and sisters were provided masks to help protect them from the SWINE FLU!

Starsi Matson with his instructor Brother Cardon. "He is a cool guy."