Current Day and Time in Prague

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Latest News....

These are the streets that Starsi Matson has been walking on for the last five weeks in Jihlava. Unfortunately, the streets and sidewalks have taken a toll on his body and he is having problems. The Mission President is sending Starsi Matson home next week so that he will be able to have surgery and get feeling better. He is optimistic that Starsi Matson will be able to return quickly to the Prague Mission. Keep him in your prayers!

The Czech Republic

After the long plane ride to Europe, the missionaries arrived at the mission home in Prague. They stayed over night at the mission home and made contacts on Charles Bridge. Here are a few of the first batch of pictures he sent from the Czech Republic.

This is the church sign on the outside of their church building in Jihlava.

The church building.

Inside the entryway.

They meet for Sacrament Meeting for about 40 minutes then they have meet and mingle time. Members even bring sandwiches and stuff for this break.

This is the chapel.

Where the Elders Quorum meets.

The Primary Room. They have about four or five kids in the Primary.

MILK! It comes in large boxes.
Starsi Matson actually likes it!

On P-Day they went to the Jewish Community. This is inside the synagogue. Starsi Matson and Starsi Roberts (his companion). Jeremy did not say who the other missionary is.

This was the first drink that Starsi Matson ordered all by himself. He was excited that he could speak the language and order himself a soda.

This is the apartment complex across from Starsi Matson's apartment. He said that their apartment building looks like this.

Their bathroom....the toilet does not work and the shower curtain is clear. No door on the bathroom....who said anything about being modest!

Their bedroom!

They do not have clothes dryers there. They have tables that they place their items on and a fan dries them.

Their kitchen. The washing machine is the white thing under the microwave.

After the missionaries arrived in Prague, they were able to sleep in this room. There is no windows here so they were able to sleep for about 12 hours straight. He said it was the best night's sleep he had in a long time.

Elder Matson in Prague.

Elder Matson in front of a big clock tower.

Starsi Matson in front of the Prague Castle.

They have big ice cream cones all down town. They are called means ice cream shops. It is REALLY good. It's light and fluffy. Everyone eats it all the time!

A castle hid up in the trees. It is really green there.

The new missionaries arrive and are standing on Charles Bridge.
Starsi Mickelsen, Carrier, Petersen, Emmerson, Grande, Matson,
Sisters Wheller and Lier and Starsi Browning.

If you have seen Mission recognize this picture.

Starsi Matson on Charles Bridge.

A view of Charles Bridge.

One end of Charles Bridge.

The streets of Prague.

The buildings in Prague.

Stained-glass window in a Prague Cathedral.

The Prague is huge!

One of the first castles that Starsi Matson saw in Prague.

Starsi Matson and a guard at the Prague Castle.

Our Starsi Matson! All Smiles!

The city of Prague.
You can see Charles Bridge in the foreground.

More of the MTC

Jeremy sent these last few photos of him at the MTC.
This is Brother Brown, one of Starsi Matson's teachers. Brother Brown got really sick one week and lost about 20 pounds. He had been complaining the week before that his pants were too tight, but after being sick, these two characters decided to take this picture to remember how much weight they both have lost. (Sorry this picture is out of order, having troubles moving it!)
June 8, 2009, we are packed and ready to go. It is early in the morning. We have to catch the 8:30 am flight in Salt Lake to New York City and then on to Europe.

The big day
Starsi Petersen, Starsi Doxey (he is not leaving because he did not get his visa, he just dropped them off), Starsi Matson and Starsi Grande.

Tradition at the MTC.
Everyone on the floor gets together and sings
"God Be With You."
All the missionaries leaving put their ties on their heads. It's not very reverent, I don't know why they do it, but it was kinda cool.
Starsi Matson found a rope! He still has the knack!

Doing a roping thing....They made a small calf (don't know what out of)..
Starsi Matson and Elder Beckstead from Utah...he is a big roper.
We talked a lot rodeo.
It was a lot of fun. Elder Beckstead is going to Bulgaria.
We are going to rope a lot when we get home.

Starsi Matson with his favorite teacher, Brother Johnson.

"He is probably of my favorite teachers, even though I don't have favorites."

We were making Lightsaver pictures with our colored was pretty cool.!
Starsi Matson and those farmer jammies!