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Friday, July 17, 2009

More of the MTC

Jeremy sent these last few photos of him at the MTC.
This is Brother Brown, one of Starsi Matson's teachers. Brother Brown got really sick one week and lost about 20 pounds. He had been complaining the week before that his pants were too tight, but after being sick, these two characters decided to take this picture to remember how much weight they both have lost. (Sorry this picture is out of order, having troubles moving it!)
June 8, 2009, we are packed and ready to go. It is early in the morning. We have to catch the 8:30 am flight in Salt Lake to New York City and then on to Europe.

The big day
Starsi Petersen, Starsi Doxey (he is not leaving because he did not get his visa, he just dropped them off), Starsi Matson and Starsi Grande.

Tradition at the MTC.
Everyone on the floor gets together and sings
"God Be With You."
All the missionaries leaving put their ties on their heads. It's not very reverent, I don't know why they do it, but it was kinda cool.
Starsi Matson found a rope! He still has the knack!

Doing a roping thing....They made a small calf (don't know what out of)..
Starsi Matson and Elder Beckstead from Utah...he is a big roper.
We talked a lot rodeo.
It was a lot of fun. Elder Beckstead is going to Bulgaria.
We are going to rope a lot when we get home.

Starsi Matson with his favorite teacher, Brother Johnson.

"He is probably of my favorite teachers, even though I don't have favorites."

We were making Lightsaver pictures with our colored was pretty cool.!
Starsi Matson and those farmer jammies!

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