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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Big Day...April 8, 2009

Elder Matson and Dad just before the last Father's Blessing for a few years.
Elder Matson and Mom before she starts crying....again!

Elder Matson with Grandpa and Grandma Denkers

Elder Matson with brothers Josh and Jason. It will be another three and one-half years before they will all be together again.
Elder Matson with Josh and soon-to-be new sister Erin

Well we arrived at the MTC and Elder Matson received his name tag. Mom gets the honor of placing it over his heart!

Elder now wear the name of the Savior on your chest. We know you will be a great representative of Him.

The only thing we could read was MATSON, the rest is in Czech.

Elder Matson and brother Josh with their mission and MTC name tags.

Try to smile!

Our family!

One last photo of the three boys...well, actually men.

Our kids!

The Family

Our new will be growing from now on.

Good luck Elder Matson! We love you very much and are so very proud of you!


Jan Rhoades said...

Awesome blog! Great pictures! don't look so happy

Kristi said...

Such a bitter sweet made me tearful just to see and read about it! Thanks for all the pictures, and we will be checking in often to see how Elder Matson is doing! Be happy Mom!!

Kelsey Riley said...

Oh My Word! That was sooo hard! I never want to have sons so that I don't have to do that. Jeremy looked awesome though, he is going to make an amazing missionary. I seriously already miss him!