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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

One last basketball game with brother Jason and cousins Steven, Garry, Nathan, Spencer and Connor.

So nice that Shemay and the boys were here from California to say goodbye too!

Jeremy and J.P. (Justin Poole)

Jeremy and the Dye Family

Jeremy with Austin, Joselyn, Karami, Katelyn and Geoffrey Dye

Jeremy with Uncle Scott, Aunt Brenda and Cousin Tanner

Jeremy with Cameron, Katie and Amanda Homer

Melissa Hansen and Jeremy...this is soooo hard!

Jessica Bringhurst and last Jer"Bear" Hug!

Come on Jeremy just one last kiss......No!!!! I'm going on a mission!!!

Meg Messmore and Jeremy....write me!

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kasscho said...

I stumbled on this blog and I LOVE IT! What a great family!